Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Leather seats optional...

The interior of the Pirate's ship was pretty challenging and a lot of fun.  I wanted to put in details like exposed panels and wiring to show that this ship is designed with a function over form mentality to contrast the streamlined clean look of the Nobleman's ship.  Also, I designed this ship with zero gravity in mind, this allowed me to have a bit more freedom in how I arranged things like hallways and where I mounted seats.  In the "Interior Details 005" image you can see those seats are mounted in a cylinder.  That cylinder is mounted to the ceiling and allows the user to orient the seat in any way they like.  The docking hallway actually extends vertically from an opening in the top of the bridge.  Even though mechanical design is still challenging I had the most fun working on these sets.  Look forward to seeing them in action soon!

Stay tuned!


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