Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Adventures in Japan! Part 1: Sapporo

(Petite Lou Lou Cafe in Sapporo, Japan)

Gobusata shimashita! Apologies for the long absence! Zer07 and I have been on a whirlwind adventure in Japan! It has been over 5 years since I've been back to the homeland, and it was Zer07's first time, so we decided to pack the maximum amount of adventuring into a 2 week span.

Our first mission was to infiltrate the annual "Yuki Matsuri" (snow festival) in Sapporo. Sapporo is located in Japan's northernmost island, Hokkaido, so it was very cold and snowy! The annual snow festival features lots of giant snow and ice sculptures as well as snow slides. We first explored Odori Koen, a park that stretches out for about 1 mile. The professionally made sculptures were very impressive:

There were plenty of anime-themed sculptures as well!

Hurray, One Piece!

At night, the sculptures are lit up with colorful lights:

Later, we explored Susukino Street, a long street closed off for exhibiting hundreds of ice sculptures. These are lit up at night too:

On our third day, we took it easy and found an adorable cafe called, Petite Lou Lou Cafe, where we relaxed and did some drawings. Finally, it was time to leave Sapporo and get on a plane for Hiroshima. Stay tuned for Part 2 of our Adventures in Japan!...

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