Monday, March 11, 2013

Figure Drawing: Curvy shapes

Hello friends!  Last Tuesday was figure drawing day with Dr. Sketchy.  We had two models:  one was petite, and the other was fabulously curvy.  The petite model was very energetic and provided us with some fun poses for gestures, but Zer07 and I quickly realized that we were unaccustomed to drawing more voluptuous figures, so this session was a great exercise in thinking out of the box.  Here are our sketches:

Zer07's gestures.  Top 3 poses: 1min.  Bottom: 2min.
Zer07's sketches.  Top 3: 5min.  Bottom 2:  10 min.
Shiro's 5 min. sketches
Shiro's sketches.  Top left:  10 min.  Top right:  15 min.  Bottom:  30 min.

Nin, nin!!

Monday, March 4, 2013

Raeden's expressions

Ossu!  Shiro Ninja here.  Zer07 and I have been hard at work on "Aram" and we've been continuing to fine tune our hero, Raeden.  Utilizing our character sheet and CG model, we created some more images which will be used as important references during the animation stage.  

More to come soon!  Saraba!!