Friday, July 6, 2012

Figure Drawing: Mountains of clothes

Hello friends!  Shiro Ninja here.  I hope you all had a nice Fourth of July.  This week Zer07 and I attended another Dr. Sketchy's figure drawing session.  As I mentioned in the last figure drawing post, the Dr. Sketchy models usually wear crazy costumes and gradually undress throughout the evening.  This session, the models started off wearing an insane amount of clothes!  The super voluminous skirts with tons of ruffles and wrinkles were especially challenging to draw, but we had lots of fun as usual.  Here are our sketches:

Shiro's gestures.  Top two: 1 min. Bottom three: 2 min

Shiro's 5 minute sketches

Shiro's 10 minute sketches

Zer07's gestures.  Left two: 1 min.  Right two: 2 min

Zer07's 5 minute sketches

Zer07's sketches.  Left: 10 min.  Right: 5 min