Wednesday, July 10, 2013

The adventure continues...

Greetings!  It's definitely been a while since the last time we posted.  Big things have been happening here at Studio Gattai and we've finally gotten around to giving you all an update.  For those of you who didn't know, I have left my full time job in the animation industry in order to dedicate all of my effort towards getting Studio Gattai up and running.  I have a few updates today so let's get going!


First up I have an update on the announced series "ARAM".  We have decided to put the project "on the shelf".  This means that we're not quite ready to produce the series yet and we want to save it for a later date.  The truth of the matter is that the story just wasn't working.  Hopefully we'll be able to strengthen the story enough to bring the project back at a later date.


We've been able to set up a new studio space!  ShiroNinja and I have been saving our pennies up for this occasion and we were able to assemble some really nice computers.  Below are some pictures of the studio as it came to life:

Again, my apologies for the long absence, but hopefully now that we're working full time on our own original projects we'll have more updates for you to check out.

We've also opened a tumblr page where we'll feature more of our day to day art and work in progress reports as well as some silly stuff.  You can check out our tumblr here.


  1. Welcome back! Ummmmmm, what's with the monitor attached to the couch? That might be the best thing ever.

    1. Haha, it's because I need to be super comfortable while drawing! Unitzer07 engineered that masterpiece.

  2. That was a nice room for an animator like you. High computer specs, reference books, tools, etc. What else do you got?

    1. We also have a big anime collection! We like to watch lots of animation for inspiration. :)

      I'll post an update soon on another cartoon I'm working on, so stay tuned!!