Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Figure Drawing: Sexy Cheerleader

Ossu!  Last week we had a very productive Tuesday as we participated in the exciting elections as well as attended another fun figure drawing session!  I realized that up until now, we tended to do shorter timed poses, so this time we stuck around for some longer poses.  Both Zer07 and I felt pretty good about this session.  I hope you enjoy our sketches!

Shiro's 10 min sketches

Shiro's sketches:  Left-10 min, Right-20 min

Shiro's 20 min sketch
That last sketch is supposed to show the cheerleader being spanked by her boyfriend but I didn't have the chance to draw him in completely!

Zer07's sketches: 10 min

Zer07's sketches: Top Left/Top Center-10 min, Right/Bottom-5 min 

Until next time...  Nin, nin!


  1. These are great! I really like the rendering of the spanking one!