Monday, October 15, 2012

Exploring TVPaint


Recently I've been using TVPaint to practice my traditional animation skills.  Shironinja and I are heavily considering using the program to produce a future project we're currently developing.  Right now I'm just familiarizing myself with the program doing short practice animations.  It's a great way to practice both style and motion while also developing my skills using the program.  Check out some of the work I've done inspired by the music of Digiflesh:

Rough lines:

Finished lines:

I still have to add some more line detail onto the "Finished lines" image.  After that I plan on adding color and a background.  I'll post another update soon.  Until then, feel free to comment or critique.

Intergalactic Pla.Ne.Te.Ree!


Update!  Part 2 can be found here.


  1. Holy shit. You're terrible at inking. That's not to say you're bad at drawing. I can tell from the "rough" image that your drawing skills seem good enough for what you're trying to do but I have to say that for your inked version, you are emphasizing all the wrong parts and in the process made your cool guy look dopey and weird.

    The most notable decision I can cite specifically is the guy's jawline. It's incredibly important to making him look manly and heroic in your rough drawing so I don't know why you got rid of it in the inked version. The suggested jawline looks lumpy and lame in comparison. Yes, there's still enough detail to figure out his jaw from your inked drawing but it's less graphic. You lose that instant character trait quality. See also: eyebrows.

    On the opposite side, something you gave too many lines is the hair: All those individual lines don't look like individual hairs. They look like extra lines. It already looks like hair because it's hair-shaped and on his head. You don't need a lot of detail to the internal shape because it's an animated line drawing. It just looks like clutter.

    Another thing that looks really bad: That neck. You've only emphasized the weird vein lines and that makes his neck look like a shapeless piece of meat. Draw just one line suggesting the shadow around the Adam's apple, or better yet, only include that line in the form of a shadow or highlight in the colored image.

    1. Wow, that was a pretty harsh critique! I have been experimenting with a sketchier style for the inking and my wife did remark that the line quality was a little thick. I may go back and do another cleanup pass with thinner more sketchy lines and try to bring back some of the personality from the rough image. The lack of detail you point out might be due to the fact that I still haven't added shading on the character. The reason I posted both the rough and the finished lines was so you could compare the two and see what I still have to add. I disagree with you about the hair but that's just a matter of opinion. Since I'm considering re-cleaning the image with thinner more sketchy lines it may be a moot point. The neck, once again might be misleading because of the lack of shading detail. Keep watching this blog for more updates!

  2. Ya get with it NERD!!!!!!!!!!!