Saturday, June 9, 2012

Figure Drawing: Fun with Dr. Sketchy

Shiro Ninja, sanjou!  Earlier this week, Zer07 and I went to another productive figure drawing session.  Lately we've been going to "Dr. Sketchy's" figure drawing sessions, which is quite fun and at times a little risque.  The models are sometimes dressed in silly costumes ranging from bondage to chipmunk costumes, and are gradually encouraged by the Master of Ceremonies to undress.  There are contests like, "who can draw the best penis," with prizes given away throughout the night.  It's a relaxing and silly atmosphere.  The models are great, and I always feel inspired at these sessions.  Check out our sketches from this week:
Shiro Ninja:  Top left and bottom left - 5minute sketches.  Right - 10 minute sketch.

Shiro Ninja:  Top left - 10 min.  Top right - 15 min.  Bottom - 20 min.
Zer07:  Top left - 5 min.  Top right and bottom sketches - 2 min.
Zer07:  5 minute sketches
Until next time... Ninja smoke bomb!!!

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