Tuesday, January 24, 2012

If they mated: One Piece edition

Ossu! Hello friends. I hope that the New Year is treating you well so far. Over the weekend, Zer07 and I played another round of one of our favorite drawing games, "If they mated." This time around, we were inspired by the anime series, "One Piece," so all the challenges involved drawing famous characters in the style of "One Piece." Take a look at the offspring we created:

First Challenge - Draw Batman in the style of One Piece:

Zer07's Bat Piece:

Shiro Ninja's Bat Piece:

Next, take characters from Disney's Aladdin in the style of One Piece:

Zer07's One Piece Genie:

Shiro Ninja's One Piece style Aladdin + Jasmine:

Lastly, Zer07 and Shiro Ninja self portraits in the style of One Piece:

Until next time.... Ninja smoke bomb!!!

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  1. Such a great idea and way to be creative! So awesome! I love seeing these posts!