Monday, August 16, 2010

The mystery of L5

Your journey has taken you longer than it should have. When you return to Earth, the only thing waiting for you are the remains of our once prominent and advanced civilization.

What happened?

This is the premise of a new series called L5 being pitched right now by our good friend Stanley Von Medvey. The series follows a band of astronauts who have journeyed to a far off star system and return home later than anticipated. They discover massive empty colonies in space orbiting the planet earth and set off to discover just exactly what happened to humanity.

The project is being funded by a grass roots website called Kickstarter, where you the viewer have the opportunity to be a part of funding the project that you believe in. It is an opportunity to put the creativity back into the hands of the creator and contribute to art as it happens. Please check out the link below and donate!

you can find the info and website below:

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