Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Rough Animation

Today I thought I'd show you what happened to those thumbnail sketches from my previous post. Every Last Cookie clip you've seen so far has been drawn and colored on paper. I give all of those drawings to Zero7 to scan and edit in the computer. For most animators, there's a little trial and error involved in the animation process. To check if the animation is working properly, you do numerous "pencil tests," which are basically video footage of test animation. Because I don't want to waste too much of Zero7's time, I do all of my preliminary animation in Flash first. As you'll see below, it's VERY rough... but it doesn't need to look pretty. At this stage, all I care about is how the action looks. Flash allows me to quickly draw, adjust timing, and playback the animation all at the click of a button. Once I'm happy with the action, I start working on paper, using the Flash animation test as a guide, but this time trying to make each frame look pretty.

Fight scene (Rough Animation) from Shiro Ninja on Vimeo.

Keep an eye out for some final images of this scene!

-Shiro Ninja-


  1. Thanks digiflesh!! There's more action to come.

  2. I was wondering why I was getting so damn excited watching this clip over and over again. I've figured it out. It's those little numbers that grow at the top left corner. I was counting the frame numbers, and it was just like watching combos rack up on a fighter game. 56 combos! you get an A little man!