Thursday, May 27, 2010

Cookie part II

Shiro Ninja, sanjou!! I have been ordered by a very high ranking ninja to post new scenes of "The Last Cookie." My mission almost failed when my most valuable weapon, the ninja light table, broke! Thankfully, some skillful technicians fixed my table, and I am able to deliver some new scenes to you. Please be sure to check out the previous Cookie post for the first part of the story if you haven't watched that already!


-Shiro Ninja-


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  2. I'm loving this re-release. Can you believe the original came out almost 10 years ago? Love the intensity of the characters and their fierce poses. I like the uncolored part. It adds to the drama. You should do something artistic there. bruce lee slow motion hand bouquet or flash of lightening or something. It reminds me of those old school kungfu flix where after their "wind-up" poses, they quick zoom on their face and you see like a bead of sweat roll down on a character's face as a signal to attack each other!!!

  3. I'm glad you're liking the re-release so far! You're right, this is the 10 year anniversary of "The Last Cookie!" What better time to do a totally remastered version? I'll be coloring those black and white scenes... just wanted to post the unfinished scenes so you could see the progress. I'm definitely watching lots of kung fu, Naruto, and Dragon Ball and stuff for fight reference. Send me a link if you see something cool and inspirational!!

  4. Looking real good such a tease though I wanna see more lol!!!!!!