Sunday, February 28, 2010

Every Cowboy sings a sad sad song....

I've been working on rigging our cowboy character and made a bit of progress today.

To those of you asking..."We already saw facial poses, how is this progress?" I'll tell you. In my previous post I was merely testing out how well the face would pose. For that test I was not using a rig to make the character "ooo" and "bleh!". Some of you at this point might ask..."What is this rig we keep hearing about?". A "rig"is what makes an action figure posable.The figure's "rig" allows the arms to bend at the elbows, shoulders and wrist . A marionette's rig is the strings attached to it. Basically without a rig the character can't move. So What you see below has a rig inside of it making our cowboy very, very sad.



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